chamber & solo

nowhere zero flows (2023, carillon + electronics – mastering in progress!)

don’t do this (2021, four cellos)

ce n’est pas (2021, piano, cello, flute, clarinet, with Cathy Duong)

leaf (2020, violin + clarinet)

four preludes for carillon (2020, carillon solo)

What Came Back With You (2020, trombone + electronics)

early summer ii (2019, piano trio)

less acoustic spaces (2019, steel drum + violin)

Red Line to Union Station (2019, mezzo-soprano, alto flute, electronics)

Journal (2019, trombone, lap-steel guitar, percussion, trickeyboard, electronics)

Ah, Ah (2018, mezzo-soprano + keyboard)

Fantasia (2017, piano solo)

Gliss (2017, trombone quartet)

multimedia & electronic

there is no song (2024, my debut EP!) 

Myspace, 2009 (coming 2024!)

Cortex Vol IV: Hauntings (2024)


Cortex Vol III: The Scale Issue (2023)

     scale sequence


     the rise and fall of the naked mole rats

Cortex Vol II: The Fairytale Forest (2022)



the nature of intelligent life is to destroy itself (2022)

quizzical (2022, video game soundtrack [GMTK Game Jam])

the medium is the mess (2021, live electronics)

Flores Caídos (2021, theatrical soundtrack)

CLICKPLAY (2021, experimental game prototype)

COUNTERCLOCK Arts Collective (2020)

d r o w n (2020, electronics & poetry)

Disrupt Your Career (2020, podcast theme)

Career Quicksilver (2020, podcast theme)

Does Anyone Need Water? (2019, short film soundtrack)

large ensemble

five gods (2023)

the nature of intelligent life is to destroy itself (2022 – mastering in progress!)

Johnny Brook Sits on the Roof (2019)

Situation: Normal (2018)

jazz ensemble

Living Pictures (2020)

Lehmer’s Machine (2019)

selected arrangements

trombone ensemble

Good Vibrations

Under the Sea



Caravan (Ellington)

Symphony No. 9 (Dvořák)